A meticulous partner and a great employer

Over 370 employees, high tech manufacturing systems, optimal workflows and a unique combination of knowledge, ideas and technology – that’s Himmelfreundpointner.

As suppliers of systems engineering, aviation technology, mechanical engineering, motorcycle engineering, automotive engineering, engine technology and agricultural engineering systems, the strength of our business come from our extensive in-house manufacturing capacity. We also manufacture rail engineering, military technology and aviation technology parts. Our flexible and expert staff use the latest manufacturing techniques to produce high-grade products that represent outstanding value for money.     

We offer end-to-end solutions that meet the highest quality standards, and to that end we are continually expanding the technologies we use to include the latest manufacturing techniques, including automatic and vertical turning, gear cutting, milling and grinding. All our production processes, whether for mass production or individual components, undergo quality testing against established standards. We are committed to meeting the demands of our customers, and continuous improvement of our processes and continual professional development for our employees are at the very heart of our philosophy.

Unique products require unique individuals! Had enough of the daily routine? Are you looking for a role that will keep on challenging you? Then Himmelfreundpointner is the place for you. Our training programmes will prepare you for a promising future - or join our business now and start your career with us.

A warm welcome to Himmelfreundpointner!

We specialise in in-house manufacturing for the CNC sector and provide outstanding precision and quality!

  • CNC processing with a superlative level of in-house manufacturing
  • CAD/CAM data translation (2D, 3D)
  • Measurement centre with 3D measuring machine
  • Large batches
  • Individual components
  • Automation
  • End-to-end solutions including assembly
  • 17,000m2 manufacturing space
  • c. 4,560 hours daily production capacity
More details of our manufacturing technologies are here.

Skilled workers looking for a new challenge are always welcome at Himmelfreundpointner!

At Himmelfreundpointner you will be working in a dynamic, constantly changing environment.

New technologies mean changing demands. This morning’s solutions can often be out of date by the evening. You will work in small, flexible, cross-disciplinary teams to ensure we keep on challenging existing solutions and turning visions into reality.

Offering you a wide range of career paths and training opportunities tailored to you, Himmeslfreundpointner is far more than just a workplace.


From automotive engineering to motorcycle technology, from agricultural systems to commercial vehicles, from systems engineering to industrial technology, and much more.

Himmelfreundpointner understands the importance of complex precision parts and modules, and knows the requirements they have to satisfy.

Himmelfreundpointner’s experience across a whole range of sectors will benefit you and your engineers.


Maschinen- und Fertigungstechnik GmbH

Gunskirchenerstraße 19, 4600 Wels

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